2019 Multicultural Festival

In 2019, the weather was great, lots of people came, and we had fun!

We introduced a number of workshops and activities that people could try out; calligraphy, wushu and Chinese Han traditional dancing. Food this year was even better than ever; pad thai, Argentinian empanada, crepes and Moroccan zaalouk, cooked and served by a group of Moroccan chefs new to the community. We were very happy to welcome them to the group – and hope they’ll be back in 2020 with more amazing food…

First Nations welcome


Pad thai


Hanging out

Festival food team

Fuxico, Brazil


What's on?


Yangge (handkerchief) dance

Lil’wat immersion group

Wushu workshop

Making a hanko

Calligraphy workshop

Festival 2019

French crepes

Calligraphy workshop

Songs from Venezuela

Making a senbazuru

Tanabata tree

Setting up

Trying black jelly juice